New Zines for Sale on Etsy

Beginning in January of 2017, I have opened an Etsy store to sell some of my printed wares.  Please keep checking back for new additions!

New Flyer

A travelogue of my experiences on buses throughout my life, coupled with drawings from my time riding Capital Metro in Austin in the early oughts. Two color risograph printed my friends Emily and Erik at the Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research in Houston, Texas.

Thunder Island #1

Thunder Island is taken directly from diary entries about childhood memories. In issue one, a series of firsts:  my first remembered joke, my first kiss, and my first fight.  Also, a recap of all of my art teachers K-12. $4 free shipping


My first zine, published in 1993, which is a series a illustrations for a poem I wrote about Dogs at the age of eight. This is the last of the original stock, so expect a little wear on them, even though they are technically "new" stock. $7 free shipping